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Eugene Stoner of Armalite was invited to scale down the AR 7. Exterior wall 2 was placed 15 feet beyond exterior wall 1. The cartridge was also designed to reduce pollution by controlling lead emissions. This was addressed with another powder blend with higher heat tolerance and improved brass. Retrieved 8 November In Julythe Army solicited a request for vendors to supply alternative cartridge cases to reduce the weight of an MA1 5.

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A comparison of wall penetration effects by a variety of handgun calibers versus the effects of.

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AR-15 Rifle Ballistic Gel Testing- Best Choices for a Defensive Rifle Round

Not only had the shot spread out quite a bit by the time it reached the second wall, but it didn't slow down much at all. The AAC Blackout 7. This requirement made the SS M round less capable of fragmentation than the M and was considered more humane. However, the fragments that struck this wall appear to cluster into locations rougly corresponding to the spacing observed in the other two walls. Weapons Used CAR, cal. The first confrontations between the AK and the M14 rifle came in the early part of the Vietnam War. These were larger fragments than the V-Max bullet produced, and several of them penetrated the second wall, continuing on to the third.

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40 gr 5.56 ammo penetration
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40 gr 5.56 ammo penetration
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