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Bacterial or fungal skin infections may cause your kitty to lick at the affected area, as can pain in that area. Fortunately, there is another way to determine if Demodex mites are present; the can can be treated for mites to see if the mowing stops. This leaves a little stubble on the skin, and often the skin itself is a little pinker than normal. First, the non-invasive tests are performed: If her joints hurt, she may lick at them to help relieve the pain, leading to hair loss. A truly observant owner will actually see the cat licking the area but cats, being private creatures, often do their licking when no one is watching.

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We will almost always use a broad spectrum flea and mite product as well.

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Overgrooming – or, My Cat is Licking Itself Bald!

Dear Greyce, I am a distinguished feline of 11 years who for the past 3, has had a licking problem. Cats such as yours benefit from year-round treatment, which prevents infestation in the home. It is important to realize that a negative skin scrape does not mean that mites are not present. If these non-invasive procedures have not yielded the answer then there are some choices to make in the approach. Eyes Part One Cats, houseplants and grass — why does my cat get the munchies? At present, there are numerous sophisticated flea products available and every veterinarian has a favorite. The steroid trial is very inexpensive and one of the least labor intensive tests that can be done.

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cat lick bald
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cat lick bald
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