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Will obviously take a while but she really needs to learn the difference between what she gets away with at home and what is acceptable elsewhere…. These are early warning signs for a number of potential problems, all of which are more correctable if diagnosed early. And you can teach your kids to hit, without hitting and it may or may not be appropriate. I am your mother. Or does it sound like we need to see a professional at this point?

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In a culture where spanking is accepted practice, it becomes "the normal thing that goes on in this culture when a kid does something he shouldn't.

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Since when did obedience become the epitome of good parenting?

Though I can't speak for anyone else I would bet that these types of individuals would not be lurking on sites like this waiting to dispense free professional medical advice to someone across the aether. There's some truth in that, so it's work making sure you're spending enough quality time with him. It obviously harmed me. People who crumble bread all over the place wind up having to clean up the stuff. Children key off their parents' reactions more than the argument or physical discipline itself.

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