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As a projection of my own reality of course, this song feels more metaphorical. I was just teasing ;O. I too wonder if they feel guilt or not. I've got to end this the only way I think I can. Well, I perceive this song as showing the human side of a 'monster' that most wouldn't care to know.

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It has been a long time since I have been able to engage in conversation about such a sensitive subject where everyone remained decent and actually talked about it without getting their knickers in a bunch.

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All hail nabiliofadilio, the bringer of faith. It's almost like saying, "I'm tired of taking it up the ass. The priest would come by their house and he would say something like: I recomend the movie entirely. In saying so sweet was your surrender and we have become one he is talking about his experience in raping the new alterboy, and i have become my terror is the rape he experienced as an alterboy. Needs to feel power over someone else by raping them in order to feel happy.

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tool prison sex lyrics meaning
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tool prison sex lyrics meaning
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  1. I Love When She Shows Him What He Wouldn't Get. Yes Woman, You Do Have The POWER, Her Gifts Are Heavenly!!!