Native american fetish bears

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You may be reluctant to step out of the cave into the sunshine after a long period of hibernation. You can search by animal, artist, attributes such as healing or vision, or material used. Each direction is represented by a Prey Godor guardian animal, and are listed by Cushing as follows:. Zuni and Navajo artists create beautiful images of bear, buffalo, wolf, eagle, raven, owl, badger, mountain lion, frog, snake, coyote, corn maiden and many other figures buy carving them in stone, antler or sometimes even glass. In recent years Zuni carvings, or fetisheshave become popular collectibles and Zuni artisans have familiarized themselves with materials available from all parts of the world in order to serve the aesthetic tastes of collectors. In addition to the animals mentioned above, typical traditional Zuni fetishes depict animals such as the wolf, badger, bear, mountain lion, eagle, mole, frog, deer, ram, and others.

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The Zuni hunter, or "Prey brother," was required to have his fetishes prey gods of the hunt with a "Keeper" and practice a ceremony of worship when procuring a favorite or proper fetish to aid in a successful hunt.

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Zuni fetishes

The most important of these materials was turquoise which the Zuni regard as the sacred stone. But historically the most-used stone has been serpentine, a local soft stone found abundantly in the Zuni Mountains and also in Arizona. The Navajo, for example, treasured and bartered for figures of horses, sheep, cattle or goats to protect their herd from disease and to ensure fertility Cushing,Bahti's Introduction. Most carvers are the recipients of a family tradition and have learned their skill from parents, grand parents, or siblings, and have passed the art to their own children as well. The enigmaor apparent paradox relevant to Zuni belief and realism in art is resolved in the notion that carvings for sale and collection are produced without religious intent. These guardian animals are the same as the original regions with the exception of the coyote, which replaces the bear; and the wildcat or bobcatwhich replaces the red badger Cushing, Web site design by Can Do That!

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native american fetish bears
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native american fetish bears
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